Dido and Aeneas: Scenography and Dramaturgy

University of Hull  2003

The opera was staged with the inclusion of the very rarely performed prologue, for which no
original music survives. The score used was that adapted from other works by Margaret
Laurie and Thurston Dart. This in itself would validate the production as research, as
probably the only  'complete' production of the work available, certainly on video.
More particularly, the prologue closely follows the form of the Court Masque, the dramatic
genre in which, quintessentially, scenography merges with dramaturgy. It therefore takes a
natural place in the ongoing practical investigations into the relationship between
scenography and 'meaning' on stage  which I have been conducting since 1990

The performance of the prologue, and the scenographic choices made for the portrayal of the
witches, were found to move the 'meaning' of the opera away from the psycho-Naturalistic
tendencies of late twentieth century productions.
This was the substance of the paper I delivered to the 'Different Directions' conference at
Loughborough University in 2004.

Available: a  recording of the performance, now transferred (unedited) to DVD
Link to production designs and photographs